Chapel Hill & Durham Junior Youth
Friday, November 9, 2012 - 8:30am


Somewhere in this world right now 
People are changing the ways in their town 
Working day and night to keep us breathing right 
Taking a stand and starting [the] fight


from ∆ N.C. Junior Youth, released 18 October 2011 
Chorus vocals: 

Clare Doyle 
Barry Archer 
Brianna DeBerry 
Victoria Archer 
Amira Grace Archer 
Nadia Archer 
Deshawn Burch 

Lu Lue 

Piano: Written and played by Clare Doyle 
Drum Programming: Nathan Shepherd and Daniel Badí Rinaldi 
Bass Programming: Eric Johnson 
Recorded and produced by Nathan Shepherd and Daniel Badí Rinaldi 
Mixed by Eric Johnson at Blazing Music+Sound (www.blazingmusicsound.com)

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